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Advantages of Building with Shipping Containers

Posted By: November 20, 2017 In Featured

Those of you who’ve read my articles for any length of time know that I’m an advocate for shipping container homes. They are a fantastic building material and when used appropriately they can offer several advantages over traditional construction materials. In this article I’m going to cover the main

Shipping Container Home Construction Timeline Example

Posted By: September 5, 2017 In Featured

A construction timeline is used to visualize all of the activities which need to take place throughout building a home. Whilst there are many generic construction timelines available online, to my knowledge there aren’t any specifically for shipping container homes. I know that a lot of you have asked

Introducing the New Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Posted By: June 9, 2017 In Featured

It’s been nearly two years since we have published a book here at Container Home Plans. The reasons for this are numerous, but mainly it’s because we have been focusing heavily on our two key goals: Help improve the awareness of shipping container homes. Be the #1 resource for

Inside 5 Amazing Shipping Container Homes

Posted By: May 11, 2017 In Featured

Back in 2015, we first published a collection a shipping container home tours (you can see them here). Since then people have continued to visit this page to explore those shipping container homes. To this day in fact, it’s still one of the most popular questions I receive: ‘What’s

7 Myths About Shipping Container Homes Debunked

Posted By: March 22, 2017 In Featured

If you’ve been interested in shipping container homes for any length of time you will have noticed one thing: There is a wealth of information online. This has created several myths about shipping container home construction: They can survive hurricanes; shipping containers can be buried to create bunkers, etc.