Must Read Shipping Container Home Articles of 2017

Posted By: December 21, 2017 In Featured

Welcome to the last article of 2017 for Container Home Plans. 2017 has been a standout year for both us and shipping container homes in general. Their popularity has continued to rise and we’re even seeing major publications such as Forbes and The Huffington Post talking about shipping container

Advantages of Building with Shipping Containers

Posted By: November 20, 2017 In Featured

Those of you who’ve read my articles for any length of time know that I’m an advocate for shipping container homes. They are a fantastic building material and when used appropriately they can offer several advantages over traditional construction materials. In this article I’m going to cover the main

7 Most Important Stages of Building A Shipping Container Home

Posted By: November 1, 2017 In Guides

Whilst no stage of shipping container home construction should be taken lightly, certain stages are definitely more important than others. These key stages of construction should be carried out carefully. They have the capability to make or break your entire build. Knowing these key stages also helps you to

Shipping Container Zoning Permits and Building Codes: Which States Allow Them?

Posted By: October 12, 2017 In Guides

I’m often asked by people where the best place to build a shipping container home is. Honesty, I think it comes down to personal preferences. What makes a perfect location for someone might make it a terrible location for someone else. With that said, there are still factors which

Shipping Container Home Construction Timeline Example

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A construction timeline is used to visualize all of the activities which need to take place throughout building a home. Whilst there are many generic construction timelines available online, to my knowledge there aren’t any specifically for shipping container homes. I know that a lot of you have asked