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Introducing the Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Introducing the Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Posted By: July 1, 2015 In Featured

Want to build your own shipping container home? Start Here.

We’ve had lots of emails from people saying that they loved the guide How to Build a Shipping Container Home: The Complete Guide, but need floor plans to go with the guide.

We now have a package of home floor plans, Shipping Container Home Plans Package.

Before we talk about the plans in more detail, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the reader. We wouldn’t have created the plans package if it wasn’t for your emails and words of encouragement asking us to do so.

Even if you didn’t email and only occasionally visit the site, thank you for helping to make us the best online community for shipping container buildings.

The Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Inside the package you will find an abundance of unique shipping container home designs. Each comes complete with a floor plan, front and side elevations, and a description.

Inside the plans package you will find we have tried to offer something for everyone. There are plans ranging from small one bedroom tiny homes all the way through to huge family homes.

Following the launch of the plans package, we’re received some questions via email. Some of these questions are similar so we’ve decided to create a list of frequently asked questions so you can get your questions answered more quickly.

Q: What format are the plans in?

A: The plans are published as a PDF file. We decided to use PDF because it allows us to maintain the image quality of the plans.

Q: Do any of the plans feature container homes which have several floors?

A: Yes, several of the designs have two floors which is perfect for people wanting to build a shipping container home for their family.

Q: How does the plans pack link with the guide?

A: It’s intended that the plans package gives you the designs and the guide takes you through step by step how to build your shipping container home yourself. That’s why we offer them as a bundle package for a discount.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to include them in the comments sections below or send them to us via the contact us page.