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Top 10 Tiny Shipping Container Homes

Posted By: June 17, 2015 In Featured

The tiny homes movement has really gathered steam over the last few years. It was only a matter of time before it crossed with the container homes movement. The result of which is now being called “Tiny Shipping Container Homes”. Today we’ve decided to put together a list of

Should You Build With New or Used Shipping Containers?

Posted By: June 9, 2015 In Guides

We often receive emails asking whether to purchase new or used shipping containers. Deciding whether to build with new or used containers doesn’t need to be a difficult decision, because we’ve put together the perfect guide to help you. Types of Shipping Containers Before you decide whether to buy new or

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Living In A Shipping Container Home

Posted By: June 2, 2015 In Featured

There are shipping containers all over the world, sitting in ports and junk yards, after they have been decommissioned from commercial sea travel. These shipping containers could be reused or recycled. Converting them into your next shipping container building could be the perfect solution. Shipping containers can be constructed