Space Saving Ideas for Your Shipping Container Home

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Shipping container homes can be as big or small as you’d like to make them. Remember, how big Todd Miller’s Graceville Container home was? 6000 square foot! However not all shipping container homes are this big. Last week we featured Brenda Kelly’s tiny shipping container home which was made out of a single 20 foot shipping container- space in here is at a premium.

In tiny shipping container homes every piece of furniture needs to have a place and the furniture also needs to be compact- so today we are going to look at our favourite space saving ideas and furniture!

Get a Pegboard

Pegboards are an incredibly useful way to store small items that normally clutter up your worktops and draws.

In the photo Jessica has arrange all of her art and design equipment on the wall, keeping her desk clear for her to work on.

Pegboard StorageYou can buy Pegboards in a variety of sizes (typically: 2×4 foot, 4×8 foot, 4×4 foot), once you’ve fitted them to your wall you are free to place hooks into any of the holes on the board and create your own dynamic storage wall!

Pegboards can be used in garages (to store tools) kitchens (to store pans) and your office (to store stationary and files).

To find out the correct size pegboard, lay all of your items down on a table and you can then measure around the perimeter of your items. If you find that you need a non-standard pegboard, you could buy two pegboards and fix them together…

Fit a Mezzanine Floor

We mentioned Brenda Kelly’s tiny shipping container home in our introduction, and believe us, she really is a maverick when it comes to making space in small homes.

I’ve included a video of her shipping container home below which was filmed by Bryce from Living Big In A Tiny House.

Look at her bedroom, can you see it… she has fitted a Mezzanine Floor! The upper floor is the lounge; it features a TV and sofa which also folds out into a bed.

Underneath the lounge is the bed, which also has a wardrobe at the bottom of her bed to store all her clothes in.

The rest of her home is also loaded with fantastic space saving ideas; watch the full video and I’m sure you will pick up more great ideas for your shipping container home.

As a side note, keep your eyes fixed on our blog because next month we are interviewing Brenda about her shipping container home!

Make Use of Your Bed

Most people would just place a bed down in their bedroom and not think any more about it. However beds take up a massive amount of floor space especially when you’re living in a tiny home…

The solution is to make use of the space underneath your bed. There are lots of ways to make use of this space. First of all, you could purchase a bed frame which has draws underneath the mattress. This would mean you could store all of your clothes and anything else you’d normally store in a wardrobe underneath your bed.

Under Bed Storage

Secondly, if you live on your own, you could purchase a high sleeper which has a desk underneath it. This really is clever use of floor space because the bed isn’t actually taking up any space now.

Fold Out Beds and Kitchens

Following on with this theme if you haven’t seen it yet Christian Schallert’s flat yet the innovative space saving ideas are incredible!

The entire flat is 250 square foot, so a similar size to Brenda’s shipping container and pretty much everything in their either folds, swivels or rotates away when it isn’t in use. His bed pulls out from the wall and it transforms into a full double size bed, even his kitchen is hidden behind a fold out wooden pane!

Although having to pull your bed out in the evening before you go to sleep isn’t everyone’s idea of bliss, it certainly does save on the space during the daytime!

Learn From This 90 Square Foot Microstudio

Still not impressed with Christian’s space saving attempts? Well surely Felice Cohen from Manhattan will capture your imagination.

Her flat is only 90 square foot yet she manages to fit all of her belongings in there. Notice how she uses the height of the flat to stack the majority of her items.

Like she says “you have to go up” to organise.

Standard shipping containers are only 8 foot tall so if you are planning on organizing your belongings like Felice make sure you purchase and convert high cube containers (don’t know your high cube from your ice cube? Check out or blog post on shipping container dimensions).

We’d love to hear any space saving ideas that you have in the comments below! Also feel free to send us any pictures, via the contact page, which we can include in the blog post.

Peg Board Image From: Jessica Fiess-Hill
Underneath Bed Storage Image From:Rubbermaid

  1. Rafaela

    Really liked Brenda’s design. BUT, where are the kitchen cooking appliances? where does she cook? Thanks in advance.

    • Tom

      Hi Rafaela,

      I believe Brenda uses a portable gas stove which she stores away when not in use…