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15 Ways To Make Your Shipping Container Home More Eco-Friendly

Posted By: April 30, 2015 In How To

So we already know that using shipping containers to build homes with is environmentally friendly. And in the recent survey which we published we found that the two most common reasons people want to live in a container home is because they are affordable and eco-friendly- more about that

20 Ways The Shipping Container Took Over The World Infographic

Posted By: April 28, 2015 In Featured

We often forget about the actual shipping container when we see some of the incredible homes, which have been made using them in the 21st century. Today we want to pay tribute to the humble shipping container, which has revolutionized the world since 1956. For instance, did you know

23 Shipping Container Home Owners Speak Out: “What I Wish I’d Known Before Building My Shipping Container Home”

Posted By: April 14, 2015 In Featured

We receive lots of emails from people asking us- how do I go about building my own shipping container home? So to answer this question, here at we’ve asked 23 shipping container home owners to reveal to us what you really need to know by asking this question: “What’s

Who Built The First Shipping Container Home?

Posted By: April 9, 2015 In Featured

We have already covered the complete history of shipping containers in our blog post last week. However, when Malcom McLean developed the shipping container did he ever envisage them to be used as building materials? It’s doubtful, however visionaries such as Phillip Clark and Nicholas Lacey certainly did. The

Are Shipping Container Homes Dangerous To Live In?

Posted By: April 4, 2015 In Guides

Lots of people come to our site and see shipping container homes and fall in love with how incredible they look and also how affordable they are. But one question normally lingers in the background of their thoughts- ‘Is living in a shipping container home safe?’. I’ve received quite