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A Complete History Of The Shipping Container

Posted By: March 25, 2015 In Featured

Because of shipping containers being everywhere that we look, we take them for granted in today’s society. But you only need to go back 60 years when there were no shipping containers and no inter-modal transport systems. How is it that the world knows the name Henry Ford yet

5 Methods to Insulate Your Shipping Container Home

Posted By: March 23, 2015 In How To

Before we look at the five methods you can use to insulate your shipping container home, the first question we need to address is whether you should insulate your container home. I can’t stress enough the importance of insulating your home. Although the option of not insulating might seem

Why Do People Live In Shipping Container Homes?

Posted By: March 19, 2015 In Featured

For those of us who have already fallen in love with the idea of living in a shipping container home, this question might seem quite strange. However, for some people, the idea of living in a shipping container seems downright bizarre! So today, we are going to take a

Top 10: Shipping Container Offices

Posted By: March 17, 2015 In Featured

Recently we shared 7 Surprising Uses for Shipping Containers which included swimming pools, hospitals, schools, and offices, to name only a few! Today we are going to continue with this theme and show you the Top 10 Shipping Container Offices. 1. Tony’s Organic Food Farm Tony’s organic food farm was

Where Can I Buy Shipping Containers From?

Posted By: March 13, 2015 In How To

For first time buyers, finding shipping containers can sometimes be surprisingly difficult. Who knew that tracking down something which weighs over 4,000 pounds could be this difficult? Buying containers online can be risky because you can’t inspect them before you purchase. We are going to walk you through how