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Graceville Container House: Case Study- Brisbane, Australia

Posted By: January 30, 2015 In Case Studies

Todd and Di Miller purchased a plot of land in 2011 with the expectation to renovate the current house that was there. However during the 2011 Queensland floods the house was destroyed and this left them financially ruined as their insurance didn’t come close to covering the total cost

Recycled $1500 Shipping Containers Used to Make Stunning Off-Grid Home

Posted By: January 27, 2015 In Featured

Thinking of making one of your own epic shipping container home? Take a look at some of these incredible homes made from $1500 shipping containers! You wouldn’t think much of these old containers lying around in the shipping yard, but check out what some of these artistic geniuses have done

Shipping Container Dimensions

Posted By: January 23, 2015 In Guides

The world of containers can be surprisingly daunting at times; I mean just considering shipping container dimensions we are met with such a variety of containers: 20ft, 40ft, high cube, refrigerated, open-top, platform, tank … you get the idea! So today we’ve decided to simplify this and document the

How Long Will My Shipping Container Home Last For?

Posted By: January 20, 2015 In Guides

Today the ContainerHomePlans team want to address a very logical and common question that we receive through email multiple times each week. Once people start to seriously consider building a home out of shipping containers, the logical next step is to try and work out the cost of doing

7 Surprising Uses for Shipping Containers

Posted By: January 18, 2015 In Featured

Over the last couple of years we have seen some truly amazing uses of the humble shipping container, people are really starting to see these containers as fantastic building material! From swimming pools to art studios, the uses of containers are only limited by what you can imagine. So