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DIY Family Shipping Container Home

Posted By: February 28, 2017 In Interviews

Welcome to our first shipping container home interview of 2017. As always, in these interviews we talk to shipping container home builders to break down their build: what worked, what didn’t work and most importantly, how you can learn from their mistakes. In this episode we are speaking with

Hybrid Shipping Container and Log Cabin Home Built For $16,900

Posted By: April 27, 2016 In Interviews

Following the success of our interview series last year, it’s with great excitement that today we announce the first interview of 2016. In case you’ve missed our previous interviews, you can find them here. It brings me great pleasure to bring onto this week’s show Brian Morris from Yellowstone

Interview: Mexican School Built Using Shipping Containers

Posted By: May 20, 2015 In Interviews

Following the success of our first interview last week with Brenda, we have decided to continue the interview series as many of you emailed us letting us know how helpful it has been! In case you missed last week’s interview- here is a link. It brings me great pleasure

Interview: Tiny Off-Grid Shipping Container Palace Costs $24,000USD

Posted By: May 13, 2015 In Interviews

Today is an exciting day for us as we launch our shipping container home interview series. In each episode we will bring on a guest who has built their own shipping container home and break down exactly how they did it, what they learnt and what advice they have for