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Shipping Container Home Contractors: 8 Golden Rules To Save Money

Posted By: February 16, 2017 In Featured

According to the National Association of Home Builders, labor costs typically make up around 20-30% of the total construction budget. With shipping container homes this figure is generally even higher at up to 40%, because with shipping container homes the actual material cost is less. Whilst shipping container homes

Must Read Shipping Container Home Articles of 2016

Posted By: December 20, 2016 In Featured

Welcome to the final article of 2016 for Container Home Plans. It’s been a fantastic year for us here as we’ve helped thousands of shipping container home enthusiasts. In this article we want to look back on 2016 and also look ahead to what’s coming in 2017. 2016 Container

6 Things You Must Know Before Building a Shipping Container Home

Posted By: September 1, 2016 In Featured

We’ve been running this website for several years now to provide you with the most detailed and helpful information on building shipping container homes. Whilst building a new container home is one of the most exciting things you can do, it can also be a difficult thing to do.

Are Shipping Container Homes A Fad?

Posted By: June 30, 2016 In Featured

It’s been over 10 years since the first shipping container home was built in the US, and more than 20 years since the world’s first shipping container home was built. Since then shipping container homes have grown from strength to strength. And this year we are expecting to see

5 Incredible Off Grid Shipping Container Homes

Posted By: May 24, 2016 In Featured

We’ve spoke about it a lot here before at Container Home Plans, and one of the biggest advantages of building with shipping containers is that they are so flexible and portable. This means that shipping containers can be used to build homes in some pretty remote areas- places where