7 Myths About Shipping Container Homes Debunked

Posted By: March 22, 2017 In Featured

If you’ve been interested in shipping container homes for any length of time you will have noticed one thing: There is a wealth of information online. This has created several myths about shipping container home construction: They can survive hurricanes; shipping containers can be buried to create bunkers, etc.

DIY Family Shipping Container Home

Posted By: February 28, 2017 In Interviews

Welcome to our first shipping container home interview of 2017. As always, in these interviews we talk to shipping container home builders to break down their build: what worked, what didn’t work and most importantly, how you can learn from their mistakes. In this episode we are speaking with

Shipping Container Home Contractors: 8 Golden Rules To Save Money

Posted By: February 16, 2017 In Featured

According to the National Association of Home Builders, labor costs typically make up around 20-30% of the total construction budget. With shipping container homes this figure is generally even higher at up to 40%, because with shipping container homes the actual material cost is less. Whilst shipping container homes

Shipping Container Home Rust and Corrosion: Identifying, Preventing and Treating

Posted By: January 24, 2017 In How To

Unfortunately many people are under the false belief that shipping containers are “bullet-proof” and rust proof. Whilst many general purpose shipping containers are made from Cor-ten steel this does not mean that they are rust proof. Failing to protect your shipping containers from rust can spell big trouble when

My Shipping Containers Have Arrived, Now What?

Posted By: January 11, 2017 In Guides

The moment your shipping containers arrive is definitely one of the most exciting parts of building a shipping container home. You’ve planned the build, chosen your containers and your containers have arrived. But now what? Before the containers arrive you should have already prepared your building site. This makes